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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good Hair HO HUM

So when i was a perm head everyone use to tell me oh what "good hair" you have, blah blah blah. and if now i reflect on that statement on y my hair was considered "good hair" i found it was not in regards to length i rocked it short and long. true my hair grew fast because A. it was healthy. but i guess because it was fine not tooo thick and "nappy" or whatever easily manageable, when new growth came up it did not look noticable.

Soo i cut all my hair off completely bald. so what happened to my "Good Hair"

the good hair as i view it for naturals are that thick nappy strong hair. that i can wet and it will get big and curly, you two strand twist it and it will stay in beautiful thick coils.

But what i have found my hair is not that way it is STRINGY, STRAIGHT, NO CURL PATTERN, FRIZZY

So what the fuck (its my blog i can curse) i feel like a failure like i want to give up and just straighten my natural hair. no not a perm but ya know with flat irons because whats the point it dont act right.

HO HUM i am in a pursuit of the best damn products for a wash and go and twist outs, roller sets, flexi rod, and braidouts.

here is a recent pic of my hair debacle. PS I dont like it

its a conditioner, glycerin, and water mix. hmmmm NOPE DONT LIKE IT
so i need to ask myself what is it i am expecting this is my hair accept it as it is, right.........

i have to pic up Zboy write my thoughts later

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