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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Myself

I have been writing on this blog for a short time not knowing which direction to take and what to focus on. I have been using this as sort of a diary of things i found or information i want to keep with a place to always refer back to.

But now i have a direction and a new course i would like to take, i want someone to go along and share my experiences with. Recently i believed i wanted to be enlightened and brought into conciousness and though i know some wont understand i am going to take the path of knowledge of thyself "know thyself!"

I was laying in bed and one thought came into my concious, Religion is a man made separation of one spirit to another, and isnt that a sin. Sin to seperate onself from another becuase of a belief.

I have always believed in Christianity and that can not be uprooted but I have to open my eyes to who i really am. Because i have a vagina i am less than or not equal to a man. We call father God but where is Mother God. I am made in an image of God and he created me too, God is in me I am a Goddess. I must act accordingly.

When I pushed my son from my vagina it was the most eye opening experience of my life. I am powerful I am a healer a creator I am a Goddess.

For so long I took what people said about things without researching. But that is different it is time, My time to come into My truth!

When it came to find which direction do I go to find the information so many books and ideas come my way. Father/Mother God Creator will lead me.

First step: I must fast and cleanse my system.  This is sooo hard for me to do but i must discipline my flesh. I am going to PHilly on the 15th to the 18th and then i will start my fast HARD.

Im looking for some true Woman to go with me. I am also following Sacred Woman by  Queen Afua it is a very good book if someone would like to travel with me to enlightenment.

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