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I have a great personality i believe. i am funny in my own way and very loyal to my friends. I am a natural sista 3C/4A hair and am challenging myself to have healthy hair and healthy skin. I am not a length crazy person but i am attempting to grow my hair off as long as i can then i am going to cut it off like Halle Berry. I love to cook so sometimes i will post recipes. My loves are clothes, skin, makeup, shoes, food, alcohal, hair, and my son. LOL! Stay Tuned!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Beautiful Body

Erykah Badu made a contriversial video which i am not going to discuss but what is the fear of our beautiful body?

Only americans fear themselves what we really look like. I myself love nudity not for the sexuality but the comfortableness. the breeze being free.

Maybe if we stop playing so much SEX on TV maybe our kids and society would not be so vulgar thinking, so uglym so self conscious, so sad, so ordinary!

Love thyself just as is!

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