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Monday, May 24, 2010


So i am going through it this week and i realized that i compromised a person for God, and i began to cry because it hurt me to hurt the one thing that loves me more than i love myself.

and i as i looked deeper into the situation, i realized how much i compromised myself for this person also. one thing i practice is keeping a very healthy self esteem. and it is continual work to keep that esteem up, it isn't something that you can do without work (at least for me.)

In my situation i attempted to remain true in the relationship (meaning more than just sexually) in all aspects. but when it is not reciprocated in the same way it is given, sometimes it is difficult to see which direction to take. During this time on the earth we place value on relationships and we see so much bullshit on television we really don't know what a good relationship means or what it takes to keep it going.

it is nice to have presents, and good sex, nice house and vehicle but in the end of the day can you love me and be there for me the way i can for you. So many people have been burned from the past relationships they have been in either they don't believe in true love or they don't know how to give love.

do you try to teach or let GOD reveal to them when it is their time to receive it.

i am writing random thoughts so sorry my mind is jumbled.

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