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Sunday, June 27, 2010

30 Ways To Be Happy, Healthy, and Wise

Copied this from someone's blog and they got this from Essence Magazine. Thought this will help everyone
 in thier lives.

  1.  I maintain a healthy weight with little effort
  2.  My retirement is secure.
  3.  I have enough wealth to pass on.
  4.  I have found my soul mate, who cherishes me.
  5.  I embrace and enjoy my sexuality.
  6.  I relish adventures and special moments.
  7.  I love my work; it enriches others.
  8.  I own a successful business.
  9.  I take care of my body, and it takes care of me.
  10.  I radiate health, thanks to natural foods.
  11.  I am learning all that I need to know.
  12.  My credit is excellent, and I am debt-free.
  13.  I am free of drugs and nicotine.
  14.  I am free of drama, pain and regret.
  15.  I drink moderately in good spirits, or not at all.
  16.  I've got stamina, thanks to regular activity.
  17.  I work out to keep my body strong and supple.
  18.  I forgive all who have hurt or betrayed me.
  19.  I own a beautiful and love-filled home.
  20.  I have rainy-day funds, insurance and a will (
  21.  I sleep peacefully and awaken energized.
  22.  I embrace new experiences.
  23.  I look good and receive compliments daily.
  24.  My family and friends love and nourish me.
  25.  My neighbors and I look out for one another.
  26.  My time and talents strengthen others.
  27.  Within my village, I am raising a child.
  28.  I make a difference in this world.
  29.  I am protected and blessed.
  30.  I love my life.

Are any of you down for this challenge? Let me know!

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