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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Faithfulness and Monogomy

So I was watching a movie on CoCo Chanel about the early years, and in the movie Chanel was in love with a married man. so i started thinking, even in the earliest years we can recall there was always a problem with monogamy.

is it unrealistic for us to be faithful? i am now married and though i see attractive people, i am completely satisfied sexually with my husband. matter of fact, i think dick is overrated. meaning in my 32 years on this earth i don't have to put added stress on my body for meaningless sex.

matter of fact i could be celibant if the situation presented itself (with the use of a toy). but the question is, am i being naive? does everyone cheat, and is it a matter of time before i think about cheating. are we just animals pretending to  be civilized when it is convenient for us.

tell me what u think

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