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I have a great personality i believe. i am funny in my own way and very loyal to my friends. I am a natural sista 3C/4A hair and am challenging myself to have healthy hair and healthy skin. I am not a length crazy person but i am attempting to grow my hair off as long as i can then i am going to cut it off like Halle Berry. I love to cook so sometimes i will post recipes. My loves are clothes, skin, makeup, shoes, food, alcohal, hair, and my son. LOL! Stay Tuned!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Sooo me and my girls were talking about men of course. and recently boyfriends or husbands have opened there mouths and freely talked about their dislikes in a very hurtful manner. especially weight. anywhere from u r fat and I'm not attracted to u, too hey get that stomach together.

soooo how far do u go with the image of a perfect girl. meaning are u expected to look the same always? when you are told something like that do you be come obsessed or motivated to change?

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