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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Henna'd Hair

So i tried henna for the first time and i do believe i liked it alot. it was really really really messy and time consuming which is such a big put off. but i would do this as a monthly treatment. First off i am kinda confused on mixing to achieve color placement. so i am going to experiment with that.  They say to use on dry hair which did not fell right to me so i wet mine and put it on wet hair which i will probably continue to do.

This time i just used Alma powder just for a strengthing and conditioning treatment. i did see a curl definition in my root area where it is the most curly. it had such cute curly cues. they say the more you henna the better it is for the hair so i will keep doing it i did not see any adverse reactions to it. Some say it is drying so i put alot of leave in after the treatment.

Here are some pics of the final result.... Also Alma powder is good for the skin so i used it as a facial mask also.

if you have any tips for me and would be glad to here from you. Thanks

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