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I have a great personality i believe. i am funny in my own way and very loyal to my friends. I am a natural sista 3C/4A hair and am challenging myself to have healthy hair and healthy skin. I am not a length crazy person but i am attempting to grow my hair off as long as i can then i am going to cut it off like Halle Berry. I love to cook so sometimes i will post recipes. My loves are clothes, skin, makeup, shoes, food, alcohal, hair, and my son. LOL! Stay Tuned!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random thoughts depending on the Day

It’s really hard when you feel like you are in a never ending chess game where you calculate every move you make and every word you say.
You are in a situation where no one understands you or have your best interest as a priority.
You try to hold on to your self, your self image, your values, your personality, your piece of mind, represent who you are at all times.
Want to experience life with a person whom you don’t even know if they love you enough to sacrifice themselves for you, as you have for them.
I have always been thankful that I have never been weak. But you wonder how you are as an individual, some people don’t like who you are, just because you are you.

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