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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Style is it stylish or not

Well this comes from people that are close to me or not making opinions on your personal style. For example my favorite color is black. dont know why or how it happens but i LOVE this color. i wear it damn near everyday.

My husband makes the comment you wear black all the time you would look nice in oranges, greens, reds, blues, anything but black....

Now at first i was considering taking his opinion on changing it up. but i started thinking, no i like black, this is my comfort zone and plus i just like it. I might add a little color here or there but no i am comfortable where i am in the black gray and brown realm. sorry if it is boring for you but i like it fine.

Second co workers who dont understand my hair. I like you better with straight hair. did i ask for your opinion, NO so why give it. i am sure when a lot of people see me they are taken aback from this huge mess sitting on top of my head. But i am growing to like it. it is my special fro damnit. Keep your mouth shut and dont touch my hair. Their favorite line is, you look like you stuck your head in a electrical socket.

HMMM things i can say to them back.

So anyway who is to say that your style is stylish or not. If you are happy why cant you wear pea green velvet trousers. why do we have to make a comment on something no one asked us for. My new goal is to KEEP MY FUCKING MOUTH SHUT! as should u. MUAH... Focus

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